Ana Cristina Fulladolsa (Barillas)


Researcher (June to August, 2008; June 2009)

San Carlos University, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Ana Cristina Fulladolsa did her senior thesis at San Carlos University on the development of a PCR-based protocol for detection of the I-3 gene for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici race 3 in tomato.



Barillas, A.C., Mejia, L., Sanchez-Perez, A., and Maxwell, D.P. 2008. CAPS and SCAR markers for detection of the I-3 gene introgression for resistance to Fusarium oxysoporum f. sp. lycpersici race 3. Rept. Tomato Genetic Coop. 58:11-17. On line:

Garcia, B. E., Barillas, A. C., Maxwell, D. P. and L. Mejía. 2008. Genetic analysis of an F2 population for the segregation of two introgressions associated with the begomovirus-resistant parent, Gc171. Tomato Genetics Cooperative Report 58:18-21. Online:

Garcia, B.E., Mejía, L., Melgar, S., Teni, R., Sánchez-Pérez, A., Barillas, A.C., Montes, L., Keuler, N.S., Salus, M.S., Havey, M.J., and Maxwell, D.P. 2008. Effectiveness of the Ty-3 introgression for conferring resistance in F3 families of tomato to bipartite begomoviruses in Guatemala. Rept. Tomato Genetic Coop. 58:22-28. Online:



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