Luis Montes

Department of Biological Science

Agricultural Faculty

University of San Carlos, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Luis came to the Maxwell lab in the Summer of 2005 as a part of a group of researchers from San Carlos University in Guatemala. His group hopes to accomplish three goals during their one month stay in the U.S.  First, they hope to develop a PCR based method for the detection of the L. chilense introgression associated with Gc9 on the short are of chromosome 6 near the M1-locus in tomato. Second, they hope to develop a PCR based method for detection of the ih902 introgression near the M-1 locus.  Finally, they hope to find SNP's for the REX region of LA1777.

In summer 2006, Luis worked on tagging begomovirus resistance genes in tomato and was part of the team, which characterized the introgression in Gh13 and Gc9 on chromosome 6. He also sequenced PCR fragments from chromosome 11, but did not locate an introgression in Gh13 and Gc9. He will continue to study the role of this introgression in F2 populations in Guatemala in 2006 and 2007.


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