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Additions or corrections to our 2007 Research Report, as well as information about our next field season: Research Progress Reports, P-Days and Severity Values, Weather data (Antigo, Grand Marsh, Hancock, Plover) will be available at our web site (instructions to get there) .
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Title of Experiment 



Evaluation of fungicides for the control of early blight of potato - Hancock, 2007 1-18
Evaluation of potato cultivars and breeding selections to identify resistance to early blight – Hancock, 2007 19-26
Evaluation of potato cultivars and breeding selections for resistance to common scab – Antigo, 2007 27-28
Evaluation of potato cultivars and breeding selections for reaction to common scab – Endeavor, 2007 29-30
Evaluation of the efficacy of in-furrow treatments for potato disease control, 2007 31-32
Evaluation of potato tuber resistance to early blight, late blight and pink rot, 2006 33-44
Comparison of cumulative P-Days and Severity Values generated from SkyBit E-WEATHER SERVICE and on-site weather data 45-46
Evaluation of chemical control of white mold on snap bean - Hancock, 2007 47-50
Evaluation of carrot cultivars and breeding selections to identify resistance to foliar blights - Hancock 2007 51-56
Evaluation of the effect of fungicide treatments and application schedules on foliar blight - Hancock 2007 57-60
Evaluation of seed treatments for onion smut control - Palmyra , 2007
Evaluation of pumpkin varieties for resistance to powdery mildew - Hancock, 2007
Meteorological Data
Appendix I – Antigo (Langlade County Research Area)
Appendix II – Hancock Agricultural Research Station - weather data
Appendix II – Hancock Agricultural Research Station - soil temperature data
Appendix III – Plover area (commercial grower field)
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We thank Nick Breitbach, Jeff Breuer, Kevin Bula, Glenn Carlson, Bob Coltman, Alex Crockford, Janice Dukelow, Nancy Gilberts-Keegan, Richard and Roderick Gumz, Rick Hafner, Phil Holman, Florence Johnson, Rob Kane, Diana Kessler, Doug Klabunde, Chuck Kostichka, Alicia Kvalheim, Mary LeMere, Kim Lesniak, Tom Mattek, Paul Miller, Jim Okray, Mike Pagel, Jolyn Rassmussen, Trina Rettler, Peter Rogers, Brad Romsa, Phil Simon, Tony Spychalla, Daryl Staveness, Roger Stratton, Paul Sytsma, the Wallendals and Zach Zopp for their support and assistance. We also thank all the plant breeders and seed companies who provided material for us to evaluate in our variety trials (sources listed with trials), Del Monte Foods, personnel from the Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Program and the laborers and supervisors from the Winnebago Correctional Center.

The financial support of American Farmland Trust, AgraQuest, Inc., Arysta LifeScience Corporation, BASF Ag Products, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences LLC, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Environmental Protection Agency, Frito-Lay, Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc., Midwest Food Processors Association, Montana Microbial Products LLC, Syngenta Crop Protection, UPI (Cerexagri-Nisso, Inc.), USDA, UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Valent U.S.A. Corporation,Wisconsin Potato Industry Board, and Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association is gratefully acknowledged.